Therapy Services in Somerville

I have been in private practice since 1984 and bring a depth of expertise to my relationships with my clients that has been sharpened by 32 years of clinical experience. The cornerstone of my healing work is to help you to become fully present in the Here and Now, free from dysfunctional roles, psychological distortions, trauma and body armoring. At the end of a successful therapy, my hope is that you are fully rooted in Presence with deep access to your intuition, curiosity and the creative flow of the Life Force, and that you have developed the capacity to solve your challenges with skillfulness and wisdom. To help you rest into this connection with yourself and the sources of your wisdom, I use a variety of modalities. The particular path that is followed in any given session grows out of listening to the healing space as it unfolds from moment to moment.

I have an eclectic background in many therapeutic approaches. I trained extensively in a systems orientation to therapy with Dr. Yvonne Agazarian for over 20 years, and also in Existential/Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Robert Fox, MSW, and in Transpersonal Psychology with Dr. Tom Yeomans. More recently I have completed the second level of training in the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach developed by Pat Ogden. I have also studied Interpersonal Neurobiology, Internal Family Systems, Reichian therapy, Qi Gong Therapy, Breathwork, and a variety of body-oriented psychotherapies. My therapeutic style is informed by 40 years of practice in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Taoist and Sufi meditation, my experience as an artist and a poet, 35 years of marriage and 27 years of parenting. I work with individuals, couples and groups, and lead retreats and workshops internationally.

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