A central dilemma for spiritual seekers, and perhaps for all human beings, is learning how to live with one part of our awareness rested into the profound stillness of the unconditioned mind, while simultaneously being fully engaged in the unique context of our lives. This is an art that requires years of practice. To accomplish this balance of stillness and movement, we must be deeply rooted in the paradoxes of human existence. We must recognize ourselves as both form and formless, as a unique event in time and space, and also a timeless essence that transcends physical, psychological and cultural conditions. We must understand ourselves as beings with biological, psychological and cultural conditioning, and also as timeless wells of emptiness from which creation has mysteriously sprung. The practitioners that I have known that have embodied this moment when emptiness flows into form and form into emptiness have a particular kind of energy about them. They transmit a timeless presence and transcendent quality of Being, while simultaneously being fully focused, clear and deeply available in every moment. They are luminous, flowing, relaxed, fully present in the complexity of every context, and see the world with an admirable sense of objectivity. They are not “stuck.”

In this podcast with Valeria Teles, I talk about:

  • The relationship of form and formlessness in Taoist practice and psychotherapy.
  • The Central Channel and the development of our capacity to hold Emptiness.
  • The development of trust, both psychologically and spiritually through psychotherapy and Taoist Energy Arts.
  • How the Taoist Energy Arts of Qi Gong, Nei Gong and Alchemy are a path to build a “house” for formless, agendaless, emptiness in our body, heart, mind and life, and how this can become a foundation for our freedom.
  • How Taoist practice develops a coherent, integrated presence and flow of chi through our energy systems.
  • The relationship of stillness and movement in Taoist practice, Psychotherapy, and Life.
  • My personal story about how I came to this path.
  • and more….

I hope that you enjoy listening! Here is the link: https://fitforjoy.org/guests1/michael-robbins