Artist’s Statement

Entering the creative process is like diving into a rushing river. I have no idea where it will take me. I begin by throwing colors and textures onto the canvas to create a dynamic surface. Soon shapes emerge that swirl into a beginning organization. At this point I start to serve the innate intelligence of a creative process and listen acutely to what it has to say. Sometimes what emerges is literal, sometimes it is abstract. The important thing is that it has its own internal coherence and dynamism. Sometimes I lose the thread of a painting and can’t find it again. These still-born creative journeys become collage materials for new adventures. A creative dialogue is a love relationship. Each piece is a conversation with the Muse that records our lovemaking, our fights and our repairs. If I force my image on her, I pay a price in a loss of vitality and spontaneity. This is like life. Whenever I think I know what my life should look like, God surprises me. It is only in this attitude of openness and discovery that I feel truly alive. I hope that these images help you to connect with your aliveness.