I offer both telehealth and in person sessions. Please note: at the moment my practice is full and I am not currently accepting new clients.


Please note – at the moment my practice is full and I am not accepting new clients.

I am happy to announce that for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 (4 years in a row!) I have been awarded “The Best of Somerville” in the category of Psychotherapy! Click here to view the press release

Michael Robbins, LMHC

As a psychotherapist and consultant I bring a depth of expertise to my work that has been sharpened by more than 30 years of clinical experience. The cornerstone of my work is to help you to become both fully present and engaged in every dimension of your life Here and Now, and deeply centered in the Stillness of Being from which all action and creativity springs. To help you to access a free flow of vitality through all levels of your body/mind/spirit and in all of your relationships, I use a variety of modalities, including mindfulness based therapies, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, body oriented psychotherapies, systems oriented therapies, existential / psychoanalytic therapy and interpersonal neurobiology.

I have also studied and taught Taoist energy practices (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Taoist Meditation) since 1976 and use a variety of ch’i based healing techniques. I work with individuals, couples, and groups and lead workshops and retreats internationally.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, Qi Gong and Taoist meditation teacher, I am also a visual artist, sculptor, movement artist and poet. On this site you will find examples of all of these as well as free downloads of articles that I have written and audio recordings of workshops that I have taught.

If you would like a further introduction to my work, some excellent resources are an interview that I did with the Boston Voyager Magazine (June 2017, Click here to take a peek >>>) and 2 podcasts I recently did, one with Valeria Teles on Fit for Joy (April 2022, Click here to listen >>>) and the other with Life Coach Path* (October 2020, Click here to listen >>>).

On the poetry front, I am very proud to announce the recent publication of my new book “Yes! Poems and Paintings” by Art Book Bindery. Here are some reviews of the book!

“This book is a transmission of a consciousness that seamlessly holds both the deep stillness of luminous emptiness and the fully embodied vitality of a unique and colorful life. In words and images, Michael takes us from the arms of the Divine Beloved to the finite joys and difficulties of loving real people and places. A compelling celebration of the journey of Being and Becoming filled with wisdom, compassion and presence.” Thomas Hubl, Spiritual Teacher

“Michael Robbins’ latest book of poems and paintings is a gift to those who are nourished by the art of spirit. Like sunlight through the trees, this work shines, quietly beautiful and natural. A joy to read!” Sharon Salzberg, author of Loving-Kindness and Real Happiness

“These poems and images leap from the page to touch heart, mind and soul. From mystic longing to earthy wit, the universe of this work is irreverent, passionate and alive.” Terry Real, bestselling author, The New Rules of Marriage

“Yes! Is a full-throated celebration of Being. Michael’s poetry and painting are spiritual embodiment: presence recorded as whole beingness in the world – unsplit, unapologetic, and unabashed in their naked encounter with the fullness of human intimacy, boldness, sensuality, and freedom. Michael has expertly and deftly joined his twin muses in an open and flowing dialogue of depth and sensitivity, humor and candor, exuberance and light.” Jeff Perrot, Artist

*Life Coach Path is an educational resource for students and early-stage coaches to explore what it takes to become the best coaches they can be, with information on coaching methods and techniques, how to obtain certification, and more. You can visit their most recent blog post here.

“Resting into Stillness in the middle of Life and the Development of Trust”

Michael Robbins, LMHC – Licensed Therapist and Psychotherapist providing Professional Psychotherapy and Counseling in Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington, MA, Massachusetts

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“Love Like This” (2005, Robbins Roost Press) and “Yes! Poems and Paintings” (2015, Art Book Bindery) may be downloaded and/or purchased from this site.

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As an artist and a poet, I am concerned with creating images and literature that open a sense of vitality and possibility, and stimulate reflection on the existential realities of life. I have exhibited my art work both in the United States and Europe and have published two books of poetry. My first book, “Love Like This” may be downloaded for free from this website. “Yes!” may be downloaded for a fee from yes-poemsandpaintings.com. Hard copies of both books can be purchased from this site.