Michael Robbins, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Psychotherapy, Qi Gong, Art, Poetry, and Writing


Michael Robbins - Licensed Psychotherapist in Somerville, MA

I have been in practice since 1984 and work with individuals, couples, groups, and families.

The cornerstone of my work is to help you to become both fully present and engaged in every dimension of your life Here and Now, and deeply centered in the Stillness of Being from which all action and creativity springs.

Psychotherapy is the art of listening. As we listen together, we co-create a deep presence inside of which you can observe your repetitive patterns and roles in life. When you witness these patterns with compassion and clarity, you can disidentify from them and rediscover your inherent freedom, spontaneity, and empathy. When you unwind the stuck places in your mind and body, your nervous system comes back into balance and symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma dissolve.

I believe that every therapy is a collaborative process during which we will discover the paths that are most effective for you. To help you to access a free flow of vitality through all levels of your body/mind/spirit, I use a variety of modalities, including mindfulness-based therapies, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Qi Gong, body-oriented psychotherapies, systems-based therapies, existential / psychoanalytic therapy and interpersonal neurobiology.

If you would like a further introduction to my work, some excellent resources are an interview that I did with the Boston Voyager Magazine (June 2017, click here to take a peek >>) and two podcasts I recently did, one with Valeria Teles on Fit for Joy (April 2022, click here to listen >>) and the other with Life Coach Path (October 2020, click here to listen >>).

Michael Robbins, LMHC – Licensed Therapist and Psychotherapist providing Professional Psychotherapy and Counseling in Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington, MA, Massachusetts

Qi Gong and Nei Gong

Qi Gong and Nei Gong are Taoist internal arts of energy cultivation. I have practiced Taoist energy arts for more than 40 years and studied with many teachers including Robert Morningstar, Mantak Chia, Michael Winn, Peter Wayne, Bill Ryan, Bruce Frantzis and Damo Mitchell. The practices that I teach are an integration of what I have learned from these wonderful Masters of Internal Energy Practice. On this website you will find recordings of some classes that I have taught, a couple of videos, and writings about Taoist philosophy and practice.

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Over the years, I have written and published many essays about a variety of subjects, including Systems thinking, Psychotherapy, Spirituality, Taoism and Art. You will find links to these under the “Articles” tab or by clicking the button below.

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I have written two books of poetry, one of which also includes many of my paintings. You may download digital copies for free or purchase hard copies using the buttons below.

Love Like This

by Michael Robbins

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Yes! Poems & Paintings

by Michael Robbins

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Here some reviews of my Recent Book “Yes!”

“This book is a transmission of a consciousness that seamlessly holds both the deep stillness of luminous emptiness and the fully embodied vitality of a unique and colorful life. In words and images, Michael takes us from the arms of the Divine Beloved to the finite joys and difficulties of loving real people and places. A compelling celebration of the journey of Being and Becoming filled with wisdom, compassion and presence.”

Thomas Hubl, Spiritual Teacher

“Michael Robbins’ latest book of poems and paintings is a gift to those who are nourished by the art of spirit. Like sunlight through the trees, this work shines, quietly beautiful and natural. A joy to read!”

Sharon Salzberg, author of Loving-Kindness and Real Happiness

“These poems and images leap from the page to touch heart, mind and soul. From mystic longing to earthy wit, the universe of this work is irreverent, passionate and alive.”

Terry Real, bestselling author, The New Rules of Marriage

“Yes! Is a full-throated celebration of Being. Michael’s poetry and painting are spiritual embodiment: presence recorded as whole beingness in the world – unsplit, unapologetic, and unabashed in their naked encounter with the fullness of human intimacy, boldness, sensuality, and freedom. Michael has expertly and deftly joined his twin muses in an open and flowing dialogue of depth and sensitivity, humor and candor, exuberance and light.”

Jeff Perrot, Artist


I have exhibited my art and sculpture in a variety of venues. Recent and earlier work can be seen here. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact me.

To truly listen we must master the art of Inner Silence.

To be silent
is to get out of our own way
and allow energy to stream unimpeded
from the top of our heads to the bottoms of our feet.

In silence,
we surrender the noise and tension in our body, heart, and mind
into the river of Presence.

In silence,
we become the Empty Space
that welcomes all experiences
without judgement or fear.

In Silence,
we hear the music of Creation
with accuracy and precision.

This precision
is the manifestation of Love
in every moment of our life.